Os personagens, os objectos e as paisagens
The Characters, The Objects and The Landscapes
, May 20 – Jun 24, 2006

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Pedro Cera Gallery is pleased to announce Catarina Leitão's solo exhibition Os personagens, os objectos e as paisagens (The Characters, The Objects and The Landscapes).

In four groups of drawings--Objects, landscapes, characters and objects, characters and landscapes-- Catarina Leitão continues studying the relationships of submission and dependency that exist between man and nature. Like in her previous series Tamed Nature (2002) and Survival Systems (2003), this New York-based artist (b.1070) created an iconography of essentials informed by the need for safety and comfort that the interaction with nature requires, calling her elements artificial or constructed nature.

In "The Characters, the Objects and the Landscapes", Catarina Leitão investigates the dialog between the characters themselves and nature, converting them into mutant individuals, who perform within a concrete landscape. With this new body of work, Catarina Leitão continues to develop the elements and topics found in her previous work.

Catarina Leitão lives and works New York. Her recent shows include Greater New York at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, 2005. Recent Solo exhibitions: Natural Selection at Michael Steinberg Fine Art, 2005,New York; Drawings, 2004, Pedro Cera Gallery and Tamed Nature, at Modern Art Center- Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2002 in Lisbon. Recent Group exhibitions: Socrates Sculpture Park, 2004, New York;Densidade Relativa, Museum C. Gulbenkian Foundation 2005, Lisbon, and Pontevedra Biennial Al principio era el viaje, 2004.