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GEOMETRIA INFORMAL, Oct 30 – Dec 20, 2008

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The Pedro Cera Gallery takes great pleasure in announcing the solo exhibition by the artist Marcius Galan.

In this first solo exhibition in Lisbon, Marcius Galan is presenting a set of eight sculptures in which the dominant presence is that of works belonging to the series with the overall name of “Isolante".

In this group of works Marcius Galan starts from an observation of informal occupations in the urban territory in order to then modify those provisional limits of appropriation to the definitive state, using yellow painted iron in order to simulate signalling and demarcation tapes.

The areas are presented as somewhat reduced, as if those structures only existed in order to guarantee and signal their own presence in space.

In the work "Área comum", Galan invents the existence of two spaces formed by four concrete blocks bordered on their edges by yellow road signalling paint, the joining together of which will end up producing an area made up of eight blocks.

The importance of geometrical and spatial relationships in Galan’s work is particularly evident in the work "Ponto", in which a small square concrete block receives a black circular dot, which is greater than its surface and spreads over to the sides of the work.

As a whole, the works presented establish a permanent dialogue with the tradition of Brazilian Concrete and neo-Concrete Art, dealing with issues related to the concepts of function, limit, frontier, and frailty of the defining of space and other such matters, consequently, and in the final analysis dealing with the notion of freedom.

Marcius Galan was born in 1972 in Indianapolis, USA, and lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has had solo or group exhibitions in places such as the Luisa Strina Gallery, Sao Paulo, the Eleven Rivington Gallery, New York City, the Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and the Sao Paulo Museum of Modern Art, among others.