A driver who indicates left and then turns right, Jan 21 – Mar 12, 2016

Press releasePortuguês

The Galeria Pedro Cera is pleased to present a new solo exhibition by Diogo Evangelista.

Strangely familiar is how one might classify the new works by Diogo Evangelista. Starting from taking images from several different sources, he directs his work towards the frontier between the concepts of representation and presentation in the world of the production of images, in an attempt to develop the mental mechanisms related to their perception.  

Seen differently, one might state that Evangelista's practice takes place in the sphere of horror and mystery. His particular approach explores the space occupied between recognition of the image and its true being; that is, if on the one hand his images provoke desire and attraction, on the other hand, within their strangeness, they lead to the opposite. A dual meaning, as is evoked in the title of the exhibition. 

Starting from this premise, he carries out his two-dimensional work using the same techniques he employed in his videos, made up of materials undergoing an apparent short-circuit, marked out by cuts, repetitions, amplifications, symmetries and inversions.

Diogo Evangelista's approach, in stressing the nervousness of the image as well as the dynamic and vibration befitting the movement that allows such dynamism, turns to a praxis of re-animating apparently dead matter, to which he grants a new possibility of existence, a new life within a new context.

The title, “the driver who indicates left and then turns right”, hyperbolises the dual nature of all the works exhibited. Outcrops of dyslexia and reading disorders are issues that may be recurrently associated to Evangelista's body of work, and emerge particularly empowered in this new series.

Diogo Evangelista was born in 1984 in Lisbon, where he lives and works. He graduated in Fine Arts from the Lisbon University School of Fine Arts (2008). Of note in his career are participations in the recent exhibitions, “Sonae Media Art Award”, Museu do Chiado, Lisbon (2015), “As one hand touches the other”, Videoex film festival, Zurich (2015), Hybridize or Disappear, Museu do Chiado, Lisbon (2015), Outdoor I, Warm, São Paulo, Brazil (2015)  and  BES Revelação, Serralves Foundation, Oporto (2014).