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Atrás do vulcão e três pinturas semi-amestradas, Apr 18 – May 30, 2009

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The Galeria Pedro Cera is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Gil Heitor Cortesão entitled Behind the Volcano and Three Semi-tamed Paintings, which presents two previously unseen series of recent paintings.

The artist, who continues to use oil painting on acrylic glass, brings significant differences to this exhibition in relation to his previous work, complexifying, in technical terms, the game between the front and the back of the glass, between what it shows and what it hides, by superimposing two pieces of glass in some of the works, often having been painted on both sides and which when set together make a single image.

On the other hand, GHC thematically and conceptually deepens the idea of the mise en abîme by multiplying, within paintings that evoke modernist indoor spaces, images that mirror, double, alter and destabilise those same spaces: paintings-inside-the-painting, pictures-inside-the-picture (pictorial quotations the mainly refer back to the XVIII century and to the concept of the Sublime that emerged during that period), counterpoised to elements characteristic to the 50s/60s of the XX century (furniture, rugs, ornamental objects, indoor plants), as well as, in some cases, to timeless objects that seem to be located between the toy and the fetish, between the animal and the ornamental.