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Mapa, May 17 – Jul 14, 2007

Press releasePortuguês

The Galeria Pedro Cera is pleased to announce the inauguration of the fifth solo exhibition by Gil Heitor Cortesão in the gallery.

In Map, Gil Heitor Cortesão is presenting a recent series of paintings in oil on Plexiglas that are being shown for the first time.

In the paintings being exhibited (which may be thematically considered as ‘landscapes’), the author visually association aerial views of a determined urban nucleus, suburb and holiday resort on the outskirts of Lisbon to other iconographic elements (emblems, words, skyscapes and folded, manipulated and distorted mapas-mundi...), filtered through disturbing pictorial events (stains, runs, chromatic ‘explosions’...).

In Map, the intensification of the visual and conceptual confrontation between the random elements and the methods of representation that are associated to them creates a pictorial game based on approximations and dizzying distancings, relativising the notion of point of view, of the place occupied by the observer.

The question of proximity and distance emerges as associated to other relationships, like those that are established between the real and the virtual, the sublime and the abject, or between order and accident. More than being simple oppositions, in Map these relationships seem to be seen as convulsive situations with a dialectic character, originating not only urban and social utopias and dystopias, but, more significantly, the extensive No Man’s Land we inhabit,located somewhere between those two extremes or poles of the same map.