Nuno Cera  

Futureland, Sep 30 – Nov 20, 2010

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"New Babylon ends nowhere (since the earth is round); it knows no frontiers (since there are no more national economies) or collectivities (since humanity is fluctuating). Every place is accessible to one and all. The whole earth becomes home to its owners. Life is an endless journey across a world which is changing so rapidly that it seems forever other.”

New Babylon" (1974), Constant Nieuwenhuys

The Pedro Cera Gallery is pleased to announce Futureland, a solo photography exhibition by Nuno Cera.

Futureland is the name for Nuno Cera’s most recent project, which deals with the issue of the impact of urban growth on people and on the environment, as well as with the connection between architecture, the public space and society. It is divided into three forms of presentation: video installation, a series of photographs and a catalogue. Inside the gallery a selection of ten, different-sized black and white and colour photographs is being shown.

Through this work Cera intends to examine and form a visual and narrative atlas of the spatial, social and architectural conditions of nine cities spread over different continents: Istanbul, Turkey; Cairo, Egypt; Dubai, UAE; Los Angeles, USA; Mexico City, Mexico; Shanghai, China; Hong Kong, China; Jakarta, Indonesia and Mumbai, India.

Futureland does not aim at being an exhaustive portrait of each city, but rather a global, multiple and intensely visual experience of the way we see and understand the transformations in today’s world. Each of the different places possesses characteristics of size, form, density and diversity of their own that Cera is interested in quantifying, memorising and relating through a personal and subjective viewpoint, allowing him to transmit his own experience of his life and times in these cities.

Nuno Cera was born in Beja, Portugal, (1972) and lives and works in Lisbon and Berlin. Among the exhibitions in which he has participated – only including 2010 – are “A Culpa não é minha - Obras da Colecção António Cachola” [It’s not my Fault – Works from the António Cachola Collection], (Berardo Museum Collection, Lisbon); “A Secreta Vida das Palavras” [The Secret Life of Words], CAS – Sines Arts Centre / CCEN -- Emmérico Nunes Cultural Centre, Sines, Portugal; “Imaginário da Paisagem” [Imaginary of the Landscape], CAV - Visual Arts Centre, Coimbra, Portugal; “8th International Photo - Triennale Esslingen 2010”, Villa Merkel, Esslinger; “Povo” [Folk], Lisbon Electricity Museum; “Impresiones y Comentários, Fotografía Contemporânea Portuguesa”, Fundació Foto Colectania, Barcelona; “Da outra margem do Atlântico: Alguns exemplos da fotografia e do vídeo Português” [From the Other Side of the Atlantic: Some Examples of Portuguese Photography and Video], Hélio Oiticica Arts Centre (CAHO), Rio de Janeiro and “Atopia. Art i ciutat al segle XXI”, CCCB, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona.