Program vs. Program, May 24 - Jul 10, 2012

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Pedro Cera is pleased to announce Program Vs. Program, the first solo exhibition by Ana Cardoso (b. 1978, Lisbon) at the gallery. Her multifaceted practice incorporates painting, installation, textiles, sound, and video. Cardoso works on the history of abstraction in their relationship with the signs of everyday life. Throughout the main room the artist displays an overall painting installation of new works, Modules HD – last chapter of a yearlong project – that becomes the leitmotif for this show. 

Modules HD is a project in painting programming. A programmatic suit of painterly gestures expands on the morphological surface of painting through the fabrication of pre-programmed modular items that efficiently ignite an infinite grid, and flip visual signs in a tromp l'oeil fashion.  This assembly line imagines the outcome of a modular dissemination of painting, where minimal repetition performs a modernist program bare of its idealism, yet holding on to each individual painting as an element of crafted difference and induced composition. Paintings that symptomatically desire each other, generating new visual relations by addition & addiction. 

With Donne Dialogueand Fabric Flipper the display of parts is as specific as a triangular diagram of interlocked signs that wishes to identify and place the viewer in regard to the gallery space and to Modules HD.